Why Golden Retrievers are the Best Dogs Ever

Golden retriever mom and puppy

Let’s face it—life is better with a Golden around. Golden retrievers are easy to love, they are fun-loving, and they’re utterly gorgeous to look at. Golden retrievers can be a perfect addition to any family, and it is easy to see why it is so easy to fall in love with them. There’s no doubt that there are plenty of reasons why golden retrievers are the best dogs ever:

They are incredibly cute
Just staring into their eyes is enough to make you fall in love. Two of the main reasons people opt for Golden retrievers are their beautiful golden fur and friendly faces. Unfortunately, because of their irresistible cuteness, you cannot stay mad at a golden retriever for very long.

They fit in perfectly
It does not take Golden retrievers very long to become comfortable in their new home. When you leave, they honestly miss you because they do not like being left alone for extended periods. When you come home, you will always be met with hugs and wet kisses.

They are unbelievably smart
Golden retrievers are very intelligent and are always curious. Because of their intelligence, they are used often by rescue teams and police. They also serve as guide and therapy dogs. What’s not to love about a dog that makes the world a better place?

They love to eat
Golden retrievers will eat anything, so you will never have to throw away food ever again. They can slurp up spills and chomp on fruits and veggies just as easily as they can devour a perfectly cooked steak.

They are perfect for kids
Even as full-grown dogs, golden retrievers are basically large puppies. They are so gentle and loyal that they are the perfect pet for shy kids. Because they are so curious, they also make excellent babysitters and playmates for your little ones. They also love to play around for exercise, which should tire out both the kids and the puppies.

They are always smiling
When you are down and out, a Golden retriever can cheer you up and make you feel better. Even when they are unwell or sick, a Golden will always have a smile. Having a Golden retriever around during stressful moments is a lot like having a therapist on call. They are intuitive and seem to always know when you need a cuddly hug.

A Golden retriever will increase your lifespan
People with pets tend to live longer on average than people who don’t have a pet. Therefore, by owning one, you can laugh and exercise more often. Retrievers will stay by your side every chance they get, which is a source of comfort to many.

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