How to Groom a Golden Retriever

Grooming your dog is a duty or responsibility that must not be taken for granted. Time and again, many dog owners, especially Golden retriever owners are not mindful of the fact that grooming their fluffy friend must begin very early when the dog is still a puppy. This should be done to facilitate proper coat development. If you want your retriever to be happy and healthy, then what your puppy needs are exercise, adequate training, affection, proper diet, and proper grooming. This is why this article will discuss how to groom a golden retriever as well as where to find the appropriate tools to make the job easier.

A golden retriever’s medium length double coat is very striking, but it is given to shedding. While the top coat is water repellant and dense, the undercoat is otherwise substantial. Gold retrievers go through seasonal shedding—this is known as blowing the coat. At such times, the undercoat thickens during cold weather and sheds in warm weather. Long fur covers the neck, underbody, back of the legs and the tail.

Grooming is a process that takes a lot of time and patience; therefore, you should spend at least one-half hour a week to groom your furry companion. The good news is that the more you do it, the less hair you’ll find around your house.

The grooming process can start off with brushing your dog’s coat. Make use of high-quality bristle brush and apply gently on its coat. Regular application and use of the brush helps to prevent the loss of hair. You can start the brushing sequence from the head to the tail, remembering to brush the body as well as the long and short length hair of its coat. Brush the hair that covers the tail area, the rear, under the body, and the back of the legs. If you spot any loose hair, remove it and then inspect your pet’s body. Look out for signs of skin irritations and ticks. You should take immediate action when you detect any form of skin problem as it could be dangerous if delayed. Be particularly aware of hot spots, which are known to impact goldens (there is nothing worse than watching your pup suffer with one of these).

You should also consider bathing your golden retriever to help in preventing ticks and fleas. Bathing also helps in reducing shedding and allergies since golden retrievers are naturally active and playful animals. They love participating in outdoor activities and don’t shy away from water. As a result, they are prone to getting very dirty, thus potentially attracting fleas, dirt and other allergies as well. This is why you, as a dog owner, must incorporate regular bath sessions for your golden retriever. But make sure the water is not too hot to avoid getting your golden retriever scalded. Be patient enough to allow your pet to adjust to the warmth and heat of the bathing water and rinse your furry companion with sufficient water pressure.

You can use grooming tools like slicker brush, comb, thinning shears and scissors to care for your golden retriever.

What to Look for When Buying a Puppy

Three golden retriever puppies -- here's what to consider when you buy one

One of the most beautiful dogs you can buy to become part of your family is the Golden Retriever. Not only is it popular in the United States, but this breed is also well-known worldwide, thanks to its sweet character as well as its beautiful appearance. Owning a dog is no joke, and this is why it is vital to ensure that you and your home are ready before you get a Golden Retriever puppy.

When searching for a hunting professional or companion dog, you need to search for a breeder of good repute carefully. It is highly crucial for you to purchase your Golden Retriever puppy from a good breeder so that you can make some enquiries such as confirming the puppy’s lineage and health history. This is particularly important if you’re interested in registering your dog with the American Kennel Club. Therefore, it is not advisable to purchase your puppy from a pet store but a reputable breeder.

The temperament of a dog varies between males and females; so it is essential for you to select the right gender that you prefer. The size of female Golden Retrievers is usually smaller than their male counterparts. If breeding your Retriever is part of your plans, then you should go for a female puppy.

Your Golden Retriever puppy must be in sound health before you even take him/her home. This is another reason why you should purchase your puppy from a reliable breeder since they will usually carry out all health checks beforehand and receive certifications on eyes, hips, and heart. Getting and confirming these certifications are also very linortant as you need to be sure your puppy’s parents don’t have any allergies. This breed is highly vulnerable to skin problems and hot spots, so you need to ask back about two to three generation before buying the Golden Retriever puppy. Also ensure that your puppy has bright eyes, a clean coat with no fleas, and no visible health issues such as discharges from the nose or eyes.

golden retrievevr puppy in grass

When most Golden Retrievers are born, their colors are on the light side which ranges from creamy to gold. The colors of its ears are excellent indicators of the color it would portray when your puppy reaches maturity.

Golden Retrievers are generally very excited and friendly around people. But you still need to be careful when selecting the right puppy from a litter of Golden puppies. One way to check the personality of a Golden puppy is to hold it. If it shows no sign of distancing itself from you or of aggression whatsoever, then it is an excellent indication that the puppy has an agreeable personality.

You can also test your Golden puppy if your goal is to train it to be a hunter. When you visit the breeder, take a ducktail along with you and attempt to make the puppies respond to your antics. Then pick the Golden puppy that is most excited and even tries to bring back the ducktail to you. You just found your hunting companion without a sweat.